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Collect feedback, prevent customer churn, increase turnover and profitability. With our software platform moveXM, you can use AI and automation for your success.


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Make improvement measurable

This is what our customers achieve with moveXM

  • +38% Customer Satisfaction
  • +29% Recommendation rate
  • +100Mio. Customer feedbacks
  • 2.1Mio. Deescalations
  • +54% Positive sentiments

With moveXM you are in the best of companies

Losing customers is incredibly expensive

Don't lose any more customers

Customer satisfaction is measurable, controllable and with moveXM a solvable challenge.

No matter how big a company is, no matter what industry it operates in: the challenge of "improving customer satisfaction" has always been one of the biggest. And it is increasing massively in times of social media and Google reviews, real-time communication and rising expectations. With every dissatisfied customer, a company loses sales, advocates, potential new customers and profitability.

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Increase customer satisfaction with moveXM

With moveXM, customer satisfaction becomes a solvable challenge. With our software platform, you can not only measure customer satisfaction, but actively manage it. Prevent customer churn by efficiently solving every customer problem. The result: higher growth and more turnover through satisfied customers.

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Start simple, scale flexibly

moveXM offers companies of all sizes a quick and easy entry into CX management. With flexible scaling options, you unfold your full potential - at your own pace.

Ready to go in under 2 hours

After just two hours of set-up and live onboarding, both you and moveXM are ready to create outstanding customer experiences. Within 15 minutes you can create questionnaires and collect customer feedback.

Automatically generate insights

With intuitive dashboards, automatic text analysis and modern AI, moveXM generates insights for you. This helps you achieve more revenue and profitability with minimal effort.

Award-winning software

With moveXM you no longer leave customer satisfaction to chance. Our software is certified for security and quality. Create excellent CX - with excellent software

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