Integrations for seamless data exchange

Goodbye manual data entry. Hello automation!

Thanks to smart interfaces, you can flexibly and easily connect moveXM to other platforms.

Ensure data exchange with the applications you already use - including: CRM and ERP systems, social media, eCommerce platforms and many more.

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Goodbye data silos

Leverage customer data efficiently

moveXM's integrations allow you to seamlessly bring together data from multiple sources, including CRM systems, eCommerce platforms and social media. This creates a comprehensive picture of the customer experience with minimal manual effort. With moveXM, you get exactly the insights you need to optimize your performance in record time.

Reduce manual work with moveXM's interfaces

Individual connectors

Couldn't find your desired integration?

Our modern REST API turns moveXM into a software chameleon. This ensures that your desired application can be integrated quickly.

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  • Customized integrations

    Talk to us about your requirements and together we will find the best solution. Our team of talented programmers is ready to meet your challenge.

  • Continuous developement

    The number of standard integrations of moveXM is growing steadily. The feedback from our customers is the driving factor for the further development of moveXM.

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