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Increase customer satisfaction, ROI and turnover. Quicker and easier than ever before.

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Understanding customers like never before

With moveXM you benefit from state-of-the-art AI that analyses feedback data almost single-handedly for you. This means you always have an eye on your customers' needs with minimal effort.

Automatic analyses and intuitive dashboards

With moveXM, the optimal performance of your team is ensured. Automatic analyses save valuable working time and customisable dashboards bring insights to light.

Start simple, scale flexibly

moveXM offers companies of all sizes a quick and easy entry into CX management. With flexible scaling options, you can unleash your full potential - at your own pace.

As fast, as simple, as intuitive as never before

Discover moveXM - the next generation CX platform

With moveXM, holistic customer experience management is quicker and easier than ever before. Improve customer satisfaction in the blink of an eye and increase the performance of your company.

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Collect customer feedback

Find out what moves your customers

Complete picture: Identify the needs and wishes of your customers throughout the entire customer journey

Reach every single customer: Thanks to numerous channels, you will not miss any relevant feedback

Save time and resources: moveXM independently imports and checks contact data from your CRM and other sources

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Solve problems

Turn dissatisfaction into loyalty

Stop customer churn: moveXM automatically recognises dissatisfied customers and helps you to solve every customer concern reliably

Guarantee performance: In moveXM all relevant customer data is always just a mouse click away - for customer service that runs like a well oiled machine

Ensure loyalty: Turn customers into brand ambassadors by resolving their concerns quickly and efficiently

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Gain inisghts

Discover hidden potentials

Generate insights automatically: Excel spreadsheets are a thing of the past - state-of-the-art AI and automatic text analysis take manual work off your shoulders in moveXM

Everything at a glance: Capture all KPIs relevant to you on customisable and dynamic dashboards and save yourself tedious PDFs with outdated data

Social media monitoring: Enrich customer feedback with valuable information - for an all-round view of your company's customer experience

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Improve experiences

Improve customer satisfaction sustainably

Unleash your potential: Consistently eliminate weaknesses and set yourself apart from the competition

Keep an eye on progress: monitor the implementation of improvement measures for optimal resource management

Ensure economic success: Satisfied customers spend more money, recommend your company to others and thus increase turnover and ROI

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International team? No problem!

The user interface of moveXM is available in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

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Our team of CX experts are on hand to ensure that your CX programme succeeds and delivers excellent ROI.

Collect customer feedback seamelessly

In moveXM you can collect customer feedback at as many touchpoints as you like. This allows you to decide for yourself how detailed you want to cover the customer journey.

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With our comprehensive self-service offerings, you and your team will find an answer to almost any question. For the rest, our helpdesk is always ready.

Enable your team

With moveXM you hold the reins in your own hands. Manage your team and make sure that everyone gets exactly the information he or she needs to work efficiently.

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