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With moveXM you no longer leave customer satisfaction to chance. Benefit from low start-up costs, a fast ROI and flexible scaling options. moveXM is ready for you to use in under 2 hours for a minimal start-up effort.

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Start simple, scale flexibly

moveXM offers SMEs a quick and easy entry into CX management. With flexible scaling options, you unfold your full potential - at your own pace.

Ready to go in under 2 hours

After just two hours of set-up and live onboarding, you start creating outstanding customer experiences. Within 15 minutes you are creating questionnaires and collecting initial customer feedback.

Guaranteed and fast ROI

Customer Experience Management pays off - literally. Generate ROI after a short time thanks to low initial costs and unbeatably fast setup.

From an SME for SMEs

moveXM is an innovative company from Frankfurt am Main that has been driving the development of CX management for decades. Take advantage of our many years of experience in various industries. Benefit from a cooperation at eye level!

How moveXM moves you forward

Our software platform

Complete picture: Identify the needs and wishes of your customers throughout the entire customer journey

Reach every single customer: Thanks to numerous channels, you will not miss any relevant feedback

Save time and resources: moveXM independently imports and checks contact data from your CRM and other sources

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Stop customer churn: moveXM automatically recognises dissatisfied customers and helps you to solve every customer concern reliably

Guarantee performance: In moveXM all relevant customer data is always just a mouse click away - for customer service that runs like a well oiled machine

Ensure loyalty: Turn customers into brand ambassadors by resolving their concerns quickly and efficiently

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Generate insights automatically: Excel spreadsheets are a thing of the past - state-of-the-art AI and automatic text analysis take manual work off your shoulders in moveXM

Everything at a glance: Capture all KPIs relevant to you on customisable and dynamic dashboards and save yourself tedious PDFs with outdated data

Social media monitoring: Enrich customer feedback with valuable information - for an all-round view of your company's customer experience

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Unleash your potential: Consistently eliminate weaknesses and set yourself apart from the competition

Keep an eye on progress: monitor the implementation of improvement measures for optimal resource management

Ensure economic success: Satisfied customers spend more money, recommend your company to others and thus increase turnover and ROI

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Maximum efficiency

moveXM has an intuitive and modern design. This saves you time during onboarding and prevents friction losses that cost a lot of time and money.

Accessible from anywhere

moveXM is consistently cloud-based. No expensive investments in IT infrastructure are necessary. All you need to work with moveXM is an internet connection and a browser.

Hosted & Made in Germany

Don't worry about data protection any more. Data fed into moveXM never leaves German data centres. Of course, our solution is 100% GDPR-compliant.

Fast and easy problem solving

In our Self-Service Portal you can quickly find answers to numerous questions. You can solve potential problems yourself - without wasting time.

Excellent service

If you do encounter a challenge for which you need support, our first-class customer service is at your disposal - With a guarantee of success!

Become a CX Champion now!

Customer Experience Management guarantees satisfied customers, reduces churn and ensures long-term business success.

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Success with moveXM

Mewa is champion for customer satisfaction

Our customer Mewa is excellent! Customer satisfaction is a central part of Mewa's corporate philosophy. With moveXM they have the right tool in hand and the right partner at their side to turn philosophy into reality. The result speaks for itself.

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Frequently asked questions

We will help you with any questions you may have about our offers

Customers expect to be able to share their experiences with services and products at any time. CX management guarantees that your customers feel heard.

CX management also ensures that dissatisfied customers are recognised and proactively approached. Failure to do so can lead to customer churn, or worse, discourage other customers through negative feedback.

A CXM platform enables you to identify the needs of your customers and integrate them into your products, services and business processes. Among other things, this helps you to prevent customer churn, encourages your customers to make repeat purchases and also makes it easier for you to acquire new customers through a positive reputation.

In order to use moveXM, users and administrators need nothing more than an up-to-date Internet browser.

Your company must also have a customer database that is as well-maintained as possible. moveXM automatically filters out incorrect contact data and thus actively supports you in bringing your contact database into an optimal state.

Depending on the scope of the CX programme, dedicated staff may be useful. However, it strongly depends on your individual requirements. Basically, moveXM is structured in such a way that from individual persons to large teams with hundreds or thousands of members, every company can choose exactly the scope that best suits its own needs.

With moveXM, no dissatisfied person falls through the cracks. Our platform generates an alarm for all dissatisfied customers. You can then contact the customer directly and resolve the problems that have arisen. In this way, you guarantee that previously dissatisfied customers will become loyal customers through a quick and efficient resolution of their concerns.

In the course of this, you learn which problems occur more frequently. As soon as you have eliminated them with the help of moveXM, this in turn has a positive influence on customer satisfaction.

The improvements that result from the fast and seamless handling of customer problems are immediately measurable. Every "disgruntled" customer is a success in itself and results in higher turnover.

Longer-term improvement measures take a little longer to develop their full effect. Here we usually assume that resilient figures will be available after a few months. In some cases, however, this point can be reached earlier! The decisive factors are the type and intensity of the implemented improvement measures, as well as the starting position of the company.

moveXM is a customer experience management platform through and through. We have been active in this field for over 25 years and have built up unparalleled expertise. moveXM has been in use as a SaaS solution since 2016 and has been continuously improved since then. But even before that, we developed software solutions for our major customers.

Yes, large software groups also offer "CX solutions". But these are usually only a small part of a much larger software suite. "Larger" in this context also means: less easily scalable, more complicated to learn and probably more expensive.

Another advantage: at moveXM you are not one of hundreds of thousands of customers. We pride ourselves on working in partnership and at eye level with each and every one of our customers.

Operating moveXM requires little effort and can be learned quickly. Supporting training and a detailed self-help portal are available to you at any time.

moveXM is ready for use in less than 2 hours. Onboarding also takes place in a short time. Here, the length is mainly based on the scope of your CXM project. In principle, however, it is possible to start collecting feedback on the same day that you decide to use moveXM.

Increase customer satisfaction

Customer Experience Management guarantees satisfied customers, reduces churn and ensures long-term business success.

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