Professional tool for online surveys

Create surveys with just a few clicks

Create better surveys faster thanks to an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and tried-and-tested templates. Use AI to generate insights with a single click. GDPR-compliant, of course.

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Collect feedback efficiently

  • Create and publish new surveys in under 15 minutes
  • Access tried-and-tested survey templates, for example for NPS or CSAT surveys
  • Easily customise questionnaires to your needs in our intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • Customise the design of your surveys to your liking in our style editor
  • Reach your target group guaranteed via numerous distribution channels

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"Our aim is to always have an 'ear to the market' and thus be closer to our customers."

Sabine Junker, Head of Reader Market, Westdeutsche Zeitung GmbH & Co. KG


Customer success story

How Westdeutsche Zeitung successfully combines tradition with digital expertise

The moveXM customer experience management platform has been in use at Westdeutsche Zeitung since 2023 to offer subscribers the best possible experience.

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Surveys for numerous use cases

Collect customer feedback simply and efficiently. When and how often is entirely up to you. With moveXM, you can survey continuously or in waves, at many different contact points or just one.

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Give your employees a voice - 100% data protection compliant. Combine pulse surveys and regular surveys. Learn in no time what your team's concerns are.

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Survey your target group with modern, professional surveys. Optimise response rates and increase the informative value of your data. Optionally enrich your data with information from social networks and rating platforms.

Get to know your target group

moveXM offers you intuitive tools to create surveys quickly and easily. With our various delivery methods - from email to QR code to WhatsApp - you have all the tools you need to reach your target group.

Collect feedback hassle-free

Collect and use feedback efficiently - supported by AI

With moveXM, you can create surveys quickly and flexibly. AI relieves you of time-consuming, manual tasks when analysing data. The result: you can focus entirely on the insights generated.

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Automatic evaluation of feedback

Save valuable working time with AI

moveXM Assistant supports you in analysing data, saving you time and resources:

  • Text comments are automatically classified according to sentiment and topic. This means you can always see the most pressing topics at a glance
  • With one click, moveXM Assistant summarises hundreds of text comments into three central points for you
  • A further click generates directly tailored suggestions for improvement for your company

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Much more than just software

Reliable collaboration from the very first conversation

  • Discuss your concerns with your personal contact person at any time
  • Benefit from comprehensive onboarding, in which we get you up to speed technically and strategically
  • Expand your knowledge and that of your team with accredited courses from our partner CX University
  • Book training courses on all aspects of feedback management with our in-house experts at any time
  • Access our comprehensive wiki 24/7

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