New partnership: CXU & moveXM present

CX Management Professional Program

moveXM and the US training provider CX University (CXU) have developed an accredited e-learning program that covers all core CX competencies and certifies you as a CX Management Professional.

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Teaching CX fundamentals knowledge to individuals and businesses - accredited online courses that are recognized by your university.


After successfully completing the training with a final test, you will receive a certificate as "CX Management Professional", which you can add to your CV.

6 modules

Each module takes 2 to 3 hours: About 14 hours in total of learning material in text and video formats with practical examples and interactive tasks.

Unbeatable price

For only 395,- Euro you get 6 months access to the online courses after your registration and can complete them flexibly at your own pace.

  • +18500 Trained CXM professionals
  • +400 Certified CXM Professionals
  • 98 Represented in countries worldwide
  • +90 NPS

About the partnership

Why CX Management Professional Program?

In times of highly competitive global markets, customer experience has become THE strategic competitive advantage. The tasks of CX managers are multifaceted, and they have the central role of structurally anchoring customer experience in their company. By making CX a priority, companies can influence customer retention and satisfaction.

CX University (CXU) is an authorized training provider for online education courses from Philadelphia (USA) and has the mission to promote the development of CX experts worldwide. Based on the specific requirements, an accredited training program was developed that covers and certifies all core CX competencies.

Who is the program for?

Become a CX Management Professional

The online courses are designed for anyone who takes responsibility for a company's CX program and is focused on building an excellent customer experience, or who individually wants to drive their personal and professional career as a CX expert.

Around 12-14 hours of material - divided into six learning modules of two to three hours each, filled with texts, videos, practical examples and interactive tasks - ensure that beginners from various industries are taught CX knowledge and are able to use it immediately.

Are you interested in a corporate offer?

You would like to implement CX permanently in your company and train several employees (>10) or entire departments? Contact us for an individual offer!

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What distinguishes us from other programs

  • Training of around 18,500 CXM professionals in over 98 countries
  • Certification of over 400 CXM professionals
  • Ranked as one of the top 10 CX training programs by TechTarget and CX-Lead
  • Recognized by CXPA as an authorized training provider
  • Winner of the "CXPA Impact Award 2022" for the impact on the CX industry
  • Represented worldwide and across all industries with an NPS of +90
  • Only CX training provider that partners with an accredited U.S. university
  • ADA-compliant program that ensures access for learners with disabilities

What you will learn

Introduction to Customer Experience Strategies

How to use CX as a decisive success factor for your corporate strategy.

Implementation of a Customer Centric Culture

What Customer Centricity means and how every employee can work towards it.

Organization and responsibilities

How to implement, embed and live CX in your organization.

CX management metrics, measures and ROI

Key metrics and measures for CX management.

Customer Journey and Experience Design & Innovation

Strategies to improve your customer journey and its touchpoints.

Voice of Customer, Customer Insights & Understanding

Why the Voice of Customer is so important and how it can improve your entire organization.

Become a CXM Professional

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Online CX Certification

395,- €

What our graduates say

Flexible and interactive

Lauren Giorgiadis, MWR CyberSec
CXU's online courses have given me the CX knowledge that I need in my role. Thanks to flexible self-management and varied assignments, the courses are easy to complete - despite a busy schedule.

Focus on customer centricity

Yuka Danno, Konica Minolta
Thanks to the CXU courses, we have been able to develop a Customer Centric strategy that is tailored to our needs. We are very confident that this will help us to improve the customer centricity of our company worldwide.

CX Guide

Nancy Mpiere, UBA Congo
CXU's courses have given me a 360-view across the disciplines of customer experience. The training courses are a compass on the path to outstanding customer experience. I can absolutely recommend them.

"Companies must align themselves with the needs and expectations of their customers and optimize experiences at all touchpoints along the customer journey.

That's why we're super excited to expand our existing offerings with accredited online training and certification through our valuable partnership with CX University."

Barbara D'Emilio, CCO & Partner | moveXM

"The range of tasks performed by CX managers is multifaceted. Unfortunately, there are hardly any specific training programs for this comparatively young profession.

We took this as an opportunity to develop a training program that teaches and certifies the core competencies needed."

Mohamed Latib PhD, Founder & CEO | CX University

Frequently asked questions

The online courses of the CX Management Professional Program (CXMP) are suitable for anyone with responsibility for a company's CX program. If you are focused on building an excellent customer experience, or if you want to develop individually in your personal and professional career as a CX expert, the CXMP is the right program for you.

You would like to train several employees (>10) or entire departments? Contact us for an individual offer by using the form below.

Six learning modules - each lasting two to three hours and using texts, videos, practical examples, as well as interactive tasks - ensure that beginners in various industries are taught basic CX knowledge and are able to use it immediately. In total, the six modules contain around 12-14 hours of material.

All courses are delivered online through CX University's eLearning portal. It is easy to use and you have the flexibility to complete the courses at your own pace. After you register, you will have 6 months access to the online courses.

Once you register, you will have access to the online courses for 6 months. This is plenty of time to flexibly complete the courses at your own pace. In total, the six modules contain around 12-14 hours of material. We assume that spending two hours per week on your course will be sufficient.

You can pay directly online by credit card. For individual company offers, we will send you an invoice with our bank details, so that you can make a bank transfer.

What are you waiting for?

Join over thousands of satisfied graduates worldwide and take your company's customer experience to the next level with our certified CX Management Professional Program!