Customer success story: moveXM x BMW Group

Continuous improvement in customer experience for more than 25 years

Over the past two decades, the BMW Group and moveXM have built a strong cooperation and revolutionized CX management.

Learn how the BMW Group uses the closed-loop approach of the moveXM software solution to continuously improve its customer experience, quality management and profitability goals.

How moveXM revolutionized CXM with the BMW Group

For over 100 years, the BMW Group stands for driving pleasure and sustainable innovation worldwide - also in the area of customer experience. The collaboration with moveXM (formerly TTR Group) began back in the 1990s.

Until then, most companies used telephone surveys to measure customer satisfaction. moveXM extended the two-stage measurement and reporting system by a further stage and developed a closed-loop feedback approach. The embedding of so-called "issue management" revolutionized the CX industry.

The newly developed program was first introduced in the BMW Group's Middle East regions at the turn of the millennium. Two years later, it was rolled out to BMW Thailand and from there to other regions around the world.

moveXM aimed to create a system that would drive continuous improvement based on customer experience. In 2005, a fourth step was added to the CX process - action planning. The system was continuously adapted to become a comprehensive quality management program.

Over 25 years of successful collaboration


Start of the long-term partnership between moveXM and BMW Group.

Continuous monitoring of the customer experience and global roll-out with expansion of the CX platform and channels such as email, SMS, etc.


With the "Voice of Customer Program", we are defining the future of the digital customer experience.

Continuous expansion of action planning and development of the management tool at retailer level.


We deepen our partnership and implement CX management at BMW Financial Services and Alphabet.

Change from market research to a continuous CX approach and internat. roll-out within 6 months.

Since 2018

VoC concept with a customer-centric approach with more touchpoints and open text answers.

We use our combined expertise and experience to take the BMW Group's customer experience to the next level.

Then as now ...

The challenge

The constant realignment in customer management reveals the daily challenges in terms of customer satisfaction, employee engagement and management expectations. This raised questions about necessary management tools, target achievement methods, supporting KPIs and processes to be optimized.

The previous practice of initiating improvements through market research reports proved to be insufficient. Successful customer experience and quality management required a focus on change and a strong corporate culture, as the two areas are inseparable linked.

The solution

With moveXM, a holistic CXM solution was introduced with which the BMW Group collects and evaluates customer feedback worldwide. The solution was developed on the basis of the BMW Group's requirements and is constantly being refined.

Based on the knowledge gained from the BMW Group's practical experience, moveXM has developed and implemented an innovative approach to customer experience management. Experience has shown that the active integration and implementation of CX strategies in day-to-day business is essential for effective quality improvement across all markets.

At a glance

  1. Broad server landscape with certified infrastructure
  2. Various types of APIs for the import/export and exchange of data
  3. Roles and rights concept to ensure compliance with data protection regulations
  4. Support documentation for different user groups
  5. Issue management module to respond quickly to customer feedback
  6. Closed-loop approach for individual action planning
  7. Integrations for collecting & analyzing data from various sources
  8. Customer journey mapping for easy management of the customer journey
  9. AI-supported text analysis for evaluating open text answers
  10. Customizable dashboards that highlight the most important KPIs for each user
  11. Comprehensive reporting functions for a direct overview of all touchpoints
  12. BI solution to make data-driven business decisions

Still valid today

The revolutionary CXM approach of moveXM and the BMW Group

  • Collect customer feedback

    Step 1 is to actively gather feedback from customers on their experiences with products and services.

  • Process customer concerns quickly and competently

    Problems and inquiries are solved efficiently, increasing customer satisfaction in the long term.

  • Analyze feedback

    The data collected is systematically analyzed in order to gain deeper insights into customer needs and expectations.

  • Develop and implement action plans

    Based on the knowledge gained, measures for continuous performance and quality improvement are developed and implemented.

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