We are moveXM.

moveXM is passion.
Passion for more customer satisfaction.

Our mission

We want you to make your business decisions based on verifiable facts - and not just on gut instinct. That's why we have developed software-supported Customer Experience Management (CXM) at the highest level.

Our CX platform makes customer satisfaction measurable, plannable and controllable. To achieve this, our software developers, CX experts and customer advisors work hand in hand to find the best possible solution for your success!

Our philosophy for customer-centred action

We make you successful!

Because with us, your customers' experiences become your own.
Because with moveXM you get exactly the insights you need to make even better use of your potential.
Because we provide you with a digital nerve centre for your customer data.
Because we accompany your CX management process as partners.
Because we are constantly learning.

Our Mindset - Your Solution

The experience management platform moveXM embodies our conviction that you are successful when you focus on the wishes and needs of your customers. Customer satisfaction is no coincidence. Rather, the feedback of your target group is a precious treasure trove that shows you the right way to improve products, services and processes. We help you to follow this path: Listen, Act, Understand and Improve.

We open up new possibilities

At the pulse of customer satisfaction, change is the only constant for sustainable successful action. With moveXM, this process begins today. Raise your company's performance to a new level - and inspire your customers. No matter how big the first step towards customer satisfaction is and how many follow. It is worth taking this path. moveXM accompanies you!

You don't want to leave customer satisfaction to chance?

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We live responsibility

We take responsibility! Not only for your success, but for an appreciative cooperation within our team, for our environment and society. That's why we act, think, discuss, celebrate... in an office powered by green electricity. Our morning coffee comes from fair trade and everything else from the unpacked shop next door. We try to avoid packaging and paper waste as much as possible. By supporting Everwave, we are also making a global contribution to the environment and helping to clean up the oceans.

Your potential - our competence

Every company has growth potential, regardless of its size. For over 28 years, we have been growing with the challenges of our customers - from a classic market research company to a high-tech firm. Always at eye level with our customers, we are no longer just a partner for DAX companies with our software-as-a-service solution. We recognised early on that holistic CX management must be scalable. That's why small and medium-sized companies can also use our experience to achieve greater customer centricity.

moveXM - that's us!

In order to achieve the goals of our customers, we bundle the most important competences with our team of experts for a customer experience management solution that works!

You don't want to leave customer satisfaction to chance?

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What moves us?

We are passionate!

Because our employees feel seen, heard and valued, they deliver the highest level of quality to our clients.

We are ONE team!

Our family self-image creates a daily togetherness in which opinions are not always identical, but we always look for common solutions.

We are pioneers!

We have always been driven by the idea of innovation. That's why we value visionary ideas and people with energy and ingenuity. This is where our power to shape the CX world today and in the future comes from.

We are proud of our strengths!

Together, we can stand behind our product because we all have a part to play. Our sincere and constructive culture of error helps us to rise above ourselves every day.

Our energy leads us to the goal!

Success is a reason for us to become even better. Our ambition is to bring our customers to their destination - and beyond.

We invest in personal growth!

Our team needs time to learn, to inspire us again and again with new energy and impulses. That is why we give every employee time for personal training and development.

Our CX Champions

Do you no longer want to stand idly by and watch your customers migrate to the competition?

Then check how customer-centred you already are!

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