Employee Experience Management

Employee feedback for more motivation

Give your employees a voice - uncomplicated, digital and completely anonymised. Use AI to generate the right insights in record time to increase motivation and loyalty.

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moveXM takes the complexity out of employee surveys

Collect employee feedback efficiently and anonymously

Publish surveys with just a few clicks and find out what's on your employees' minds.

  • Measure and improve eNPS
  • Get started quickly and efficiently with tried-and-tested questionnaire templates
  • Capture the entire employee journey - or focus only on the stages that are relevant to you
  • Experience maximum flexibility with the intuitive drag-and-drop questionnaire editor
  • Provide your managers with the right information to increase motivation and loyalty

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Collect feedback the way you need it

The eNPS gets to the heart of your employees' satisfaction. Measure and track the eNPS over time.

Measure eNPS now

Respond quickly and flexibly to developments in your company with pulse surveys. Collect ad-hoc feedback with just a few clicks if required.

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Optimise your onboarding process so that new employees can quickly develop their full potential.

Optimize your onboarding

Understand why people leave your company. Introduce targeted improvement measures based on offboarding interviews to minimise employee churn.

Increase employee loyalty

Where and how exactly you collect employee feedback is up to you. moveXM offers you intuitive tools to create surveys quickly and easily. With the AI-supported analysis functions, you get exactly the insights you need in record time.

Collect employee feedback without hassle

"With moveXM, we collect feedback anonymously and easily along the employee journey."

Thorsten Schumacher, CEO of Lang Group

Customer success story

Understanding and optimising the employee journey through employee feedback

The moveXM experience management platform has been in use at the Lang Group since November 2023 to give its employees a voice. Surveys are used along the entire employee journey and relevant insights are gained from applicants and employees in order to derive improvement measures.

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Optimise employee engagement and loyalty

Find out everything about the wishes and needs of your employees. Implement targeted improvement measures to increase motivation and productivity.

Benefit from the eNPS

Automatic evaluation of feedback

Save valuable working time with AI

moveXM Assistant supports you in analysing data, saving you time and resources:

  • Text comments are automatically classified according to sentiment and topic. This means you can always see the most pressing topics at a glance
  • With one click, moveXM Assistant summarises hundreds of text comments into three central points for you
  • A further click generates directly tailored suggestions for improvement for your company

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Much more than just software

Reliable collaboration from the very first conversation

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  • Expand your knowledge and that of your team with accredited courses from our partner CX University
  • Book training courses on all aspects of feedback management with our in-house experts at any time
  • Access our comprehensive wiki 24/7

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