Data protection compliant and secure

Feedback Management powered by AI

Save time and resources with Aiden, the moveXM AI assistant. Analyze data with a single click. Personalize your communication.

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Aiden - your new ai team member

More efficiency and faster insights

Aiden is the name of the moveXM AI that moves your company forward across teams!

Aiden is your support team's personal assistant, a first class data analyst and consultant all in one - always just a click away.

The best thing about it: the output is tailored to your industry and the touchpoints of your customer journey.

Automate your customer service

Save customer service time with personalized email responses at the click of a button and individual recommendations for your agents

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Analyze data in record time

Analyze thousands of open text comments fully automatically. Aiden gets to the heart of your customers' concerns. Manual coding: no longer necessary

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Guarantee sustainable improvement

Benefit from concrete recommendations for action that are tailored to your individual use cases. Solve challenges fast and sustainably

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Overview of the functions

How Aiden supports you and your team

The moveXM Assistant provides you with the central statements out of thousands of open text comments at a glance. What do you have to do? Press a single button and wait a few seconds for your summary to arrive.

With another click, you're able to generate customized improvement measures that you can transfer to the moveXM Action Center.

Save time now

Generate personalized emails in seconds as a response to customer or employee requests. All replies are are tailored to your industry. Refine the responses by providing the AI with additional information as free text input.

Especially useful: the moveXM Assistant always takes into account the specific touchpoint for which the email response is to be generated.

The result: your team saves hours of working time spent writing personal emails.

Personalize communication

Generate improvement suggestions that are tailored to your industry, selected touchpoints and specific subject areas. Seamlessly manage the implementation of improvement measures in the moveXM Action Center.

Especially useful: you can also generate measures for positive feedback. This allows you to recognize and strengthen the success factors that set you apart from the competition!

Improve now

Combine the power of Large Language Models (e.g. GPT) with proven methods of text analysis - and benefit from both!

Use the moveXM Assisstant in combination with numerous filters, such as topics and sentiments from automatic text analysis. This allows you to analyze specific subsets of comments and gain an increasingly detailed picture of your customer and employee experience.

Gain insights efficiently

View the most important changes in customer and employee satisfaction at a glance. The moveXM Assisstant condenses the key findings from the feedback data for you.

Don't miss out

Focus on security and data protection

  • GDPR-compliant Implementation
  • Server location Within the EU
  • No training of AI with customer data
  • certified Data security According to ISO 27001

The use of AI raises many questions. This is why we have developed the moveXM Assistant in such a way that security and data protection always take center stage.

Use AI in compliance with data protection

  • State-of-the-art prompt engineering reduces hallucinations
  • Use of current and proven AI models for optimal quality
  • Reliable anonymization of personal information through a combination of technical and organizational measures

Data protection compliant and secure

Use AI for more efficiency