Solve customer concerns efficiently

Stop customer churn, create loyalty

With moveXM you solve your customers' problems quickly and efficiently. In this way, you turn unhappy customers into loyal ambassadors for your company. This increases turnover and reduces costs for new customer acquisition.

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Complaint management

Satisfy dissatisfied customers

Don't lose any more dissatisfied customers: moveXM automatically recognises customers who have had a bad experience. This ensures that no one falls through the cracks

Ensure long-lasting loyalty: The most loyal customers are those whose problems are solved quickly and efficiently. With moveXM you are guaranteed to solve problems quickly and efficiently, thanks to automatic alerts and KPI-based performance tracking

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Numerous integrations and APIs

Integrate data streams

Seamless communication with Salesforce, Hubspot and Co.: Automatically transfer collected feedback and interactions with customers to your CRM. Ensure that it always stays up to date

Up-to-date customer data everywhere: moveXM can be connected to a wide range of systems in addition to Salesforce and Hubspot thanks to numerous APIs. This makes tedious manual data transfer a thing of the past for you

Coming soon: Integrations to Zapier and Microsoft Dynamics allow you to automate your customer service processes with just a few clicks

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KPI-based reports

Solve problems - measurably and efficiently

Make efficiency measurable: Preconfigured reports and widgets allow you to see customer service performance at a glance

Improve weak points: Through moveXM you are able to continuously improve your customer service and create better and better customer experiences with less and less effort

Long-lasting customer loyalty: Make sure that every customer gets the attention they need and fills their shopping basket again and again

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Individual customer journeys

Keeping an eye on the details

Knowing your customers precisely: Successful customer service needs context. moveXM provides all the details needed to solve the customer's problem for each customer at a glance. This saves customers from having to describe their problem over and over again

Solve problems comprehensibly: The solution of customer concerns is always exactly traceable in moveXM and thus reproducible. This saves you time during onboarding and training

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Additional features

Numerous other possibilities with moveXM

Listen to your customers, learn from feedback. moveXM ensures that bad feedback does not simply disappear in a (digital) drawer. With just a few clicks, you can create reminders for specific customer interviews so that you can pick up on the issues raised later. This keeps the ball in the air!

In moveXM, everyone can design their workspace the way they want. Intuitive filters, bookmarks and quick access to important functions ensure optimal performance.

moveXM provides you with comprehensive tools for data analysis and reporting. In addition, you have the option of exporting data and processing it further as you see fit.

Ensure that dissatisfied customers do not remain dissatisfied for long. moveXM can assign problem cases directly to your team members and notify them by e-mail. This way, no customer issue remains unresolved.

Guarantee that your customers always have the right contact person. In moveXM, complaints can be escalated so that customers always get their problem solved in the end.

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