Initiate, measure and control improvement initiatives

Increase satisfaction long-term

Stop just reacting to customer feedback - use it to optimise experiences. With moveXM, you can translate insights directly into improvements. In this way, you secure turnover, growth and profitability.

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Implement improvement measures

From customer feedback to improvement

Don't let valuable feedback disappear in (digital) drawers: With moveXM, negative feedback is taken up, discussed and transformed into improvement measures. This way you can guarantee that every potential is fully exploited

Goodbye inefficiency: The implementation of improvement measures in moveXM is measurable and plannable. Ensure optimal performance and quickly visible results

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Customer Board

Put customers at the centre

Establish accountability: Plan regular appointments to discuss customer satisfaction directly in moveXM. Guarantee that CX is at the centre of the company's activities

Lift the veil: By linking specific customer feedback to appointments, you make CX visible. You also guarantee that no important feedback falls by the wayside

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