Know what moves your customers and employees.
  • Multi-channel surveys – send invitations via Whatsapp, email, SMS and more.
  • Create customized surveys in corporate design with OS:iris, the intuitive editor.
  • Automatic data collection from social networks and external rating portals.
Solve problems, create trust, retain customers.
  • Individual customer journeys for every customer – keeping an eye on all touchpoints.
  • Effective issue management through fast processing of complaints.
  • Easy prioritization with our smart hot alert system and timer function.

Smart analysis for decisive insights.
  • AI-powered text and sentiment analysis – find out what really moves customers, clients and employees.
  • All data at a glance thanks to customizable dashboards.
  • Focus on the essentials with dynamic filters and gain actionable insights.
Derive concrete actions and ensure improvements.
  • Transfer insights directly into measures and initiate improvements.
  • On-schedule implementation through continuous progress tracking.
  • Check the success of measures live thanks to automatic efficiency measurement.

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