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For a world of appreciation.

moveXM | TTR Group is a customer experience management pioneer and innovative tech company from day one. At moveXM | TTR Group, software developers, CX experts and customer consultants work hand in hand to make our customers more successful and to further develop moveXM | TTR Group every day.

What we do and
why we do it

Briefly explained by our CEO:

“We believe that an outstanding customer experience is the key to business success. That’s why we developed moveXM.

moveXM, our cloud-based experience management platform, empowers companies to capture and understand their customers’ experiences and translate them into actionable insights. We enable them to continuously improve their products, services and processes in a customer-centric way.

The result: better customer experiences that lead to more satisfaction and ease in life. The result is a cooperation between customers, employees and the company that creates value – and is truly appreciative.

This is the basis of our guiding principle: Listen. Act. Understand. Improve. For a world in which we truly value one another.

Holger von Seherr-Thoß | CEO & Partner

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Get to know our management team

The management of moveXM | TTR Group stands for partnership and cooperation at eye level. It consists of a team of competent experts with many years of experience.

Holger von Seherr-Thoß

“The satisfaction of our customers and the motivation of the entire team drive me every day to bring moveXM | TTR Group forward.”

CEO | Partner
Barbara D'Emilio

“For me, moveXM | TTR Group stands above all for excellent consulting and cooperation at eye level. We work together with our customers towards their CXM goals.”

CCO | Partner
Volker Spahn

“Many SaaS for CXM are unsuitable for complex organizational structures – moveXM specializes in them. This makes us extremely flexible and powerful.”

CPO | Partner
Imme Dierdorf

“At moveXM | TTR Group, data protection and quality control are top priorities. We have had this confirmed by the relevant certifications for years.”

CFO | Partner
Baschir Karanouh

“Offering software for CXM requires living Customer Centricity yourself. That is the case at moveXM | TTR Group. And I make sure it stays that way every day.”

CQO | Operations & Quality
Frank Dutenhöfer

“CXM Solutions must be integrated meaningfully and comprehensively into the digital infrastructure of companies. moveXM | TTR Group is a specialist in this.”


Sustainability at moveXM | TTR Group

Sustainability is very important to us. That’s why we use green electricity, fair trade coffee and products from the unpacked store next to our office. We take care to avoid as much packaging and paper waste as possible. To help clean up the oceans, we also support the non-profit organization Everwave.



In 2020 we celebrated our 25th anniversary. 25 years in which we have constantly developed. moveXM | TTR Group started in 1995 as a classic market research company in Frankfurt am Main.

However, we said goodbye to traditional customer satisfaction surveys at an early stage. As one of the first companies on the market, we recognized and rethought data-driven and technology-based experience management as a core driver for sustainable business success. So we have been actively driving digitization “Made in Germany” since the early 2000s.

The latest major milestone on our journey so far is moveXM – our software-as-a-service solution for holistic CX management. We are continuously developing the features of moveXM in a customer-centric manner. The fact that we are hitting the nerve of the top players is proven, among other things, by our many years of partnership with DAX corporations from the German automotive industry.

“Experience management is all about the experiences that arise in interpersonal interaction. At moveXM, everything therefore revolves around precisely this interaction between team members, customers and companies – the human experience.”

Yousef Hammory | Founder & Partner

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Customer is king.

Experience is queen.

We are #ImprovingExperience.


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